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We welcome professional, skilled makers limited, project-based access to Silverado.  If you have a fabrication need that requires access to our facilities, we are happy to consult with you to discuss how you might complete it at Silverado. Please submit an inquiry to us via the button below. 


Once we review your inquiry, we can set up a consultation.  Consultations often include a tour of the space and an explanation of what type of fabrication each zone of the building is devoted to.  


Upon agreeing on a timeline and budget for your project, we will carry out safety/competency checks on any machines or power tools that you might need to use. Generally, any tool that you test on is available to use, and the space is available to use whenever it is staffed. We ask that you purchase your own consumables, with the exception of saw blades/ sanding belts. For those power tools we collect a blade/belt fee, which is the cost of a replacement blade or belt.

Click the button below to contact us!

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