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We welcome commissions and enjoy problem solving with our clients to meet custom fabrication needs.  Our customers include medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and fine artists. We help architects, home-builders, and engineers. We consult car geeks, bakers and brewers, fashion designers and restauranteurs. If interested in placing a commission, please reach out via the button below and we will be happy to offer you a tour of the space/work with you to create a quote.


Silverado Fabricators and Maker Services is a Durham, NC-based company committed to quality, versatility, and creativity.  We are a small group of makers with a breadth of experience who have deep roots in classical methods of making and fabricating. We are also early adopters of technology. We utilize CNC technology in our daily operations, and maintain a bank of some of the most current and efficient CNC machinery available for a shop of our scale. We produce a regular product line of custom medical devices that meet the most exacting standards, while simultaneously maintaining an open and flexible creative space. Our wholesale output is balanced by offering fabrication services to creative professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for assistance bringing highly unique projects to life.       


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